I’ll keep this simple. If you have a Mac, you need this app. It’s a screen annotator on steroids.

If you are recording your screen and want to be able to easily jump around programs and websites, this is the tool that makes it happen, 100% slickly.

Key Features

Shortcuts so you can change your colour and annotation tools on the fly (or use to toolbar).

Highlight your cursor.

Automatically erase annotations after a chosen time. This is a big benefit of Loom. …

For the best part of two decades, I have had daily acid reflux. That’s all my adult life. In this post I will tell a personal journey that I hope will help inform others who may be going through something similar.


Acid! The first symptom to present itself was heartburn and sticky clear fluid in my mouth and throat. It wasn’t long before my doctor prescribed esomeprazole proton pump inhibitor (ppi) tablets which I took as and when needed. They controlled the symptoms without any side effects. Result!

Not quite. I foolishly didn’t modify my diet, I just carried on…

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Idea: Find out how your school has been affected by lockdown compared to other schools

Method: Enter each class-averaged standardised score change from either:

Autumn 2019 to autumn 2020 baseline
Spring 2020 to autumn 2020 baseline

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Picture the scene: It’s 2009. A teacher in Year 4 is trying to tie the content from different subjects together under one theme. They want it to engage and excite the children. They want the children to look back and remember this as a highlight of their time in Year 4, so they develop a Maria Kart theme.

The children start by playing the game on the Wii, using that experience as a way in as well to generate vocabulary. They create collages on Photoshop of the characters and settings from the game. They then design a theme park where…

Here’s my take on where we are with the curriculum in Primary schools as a ‘visual blog post’. As you can see, I’ve been hugely inspired by @olicav’s work and outstanding book, which is a must buy.

I hope you enjoy. Here’s a PDF version you can download to view if it’s easier.

Since the introduction of the 2014 National Curriculum and the removal of levels, tracking has been somewhat a minefield.

I’ve tried to carve out a path for our school, convinced that recreating levels was not the way forward. Attainment was pretty straight forward. Progress not so much.


Use standardised tests in Reading and Maths. Use Comparative Judgements in Writing. Teacher assessment checks all 3, more so in Writing. It’s not perfect but I think it’s the best we’ve got. It doesn’t diminish teacher’s professionalism, instead it gives them the tools to make informed decisions.


Simple. Don’t measure progress. Leave that…

Here’s the problem:

Year 4 teacher: I think James’ is working AT the expectation for year 4.

Year 5 teacher: No no no, he can’t be! Look at that missing punctuation! That’s year 1, that is.

Year 2 teacher: (I’m just going to agree so I can get out of here before 6pm)

SLT member: I see we have different expectations in different year groups. Let’s consult the year 6 and year 2 assessment guidance and work out a tick list — backwards. Ooo I’ve got another idea, let’s also do some moderating with a cluster of schools. …

For a while now I’ve been looking for a tool that could help replace the awesome-but-dead Mohio Map as a way of visualising information. IE getting stuff out of your head how you see it so that other people understand!

This is where Webjets comes in. It’s an awesome little platform and free for educators. It goes beyond my original intended use and could easily be a way of visually organising… everything!

Rather than just being a mindmap, Webjets allows you to organise your ideas in a variety of ways (basically it lets you organise any-thing, any-way). Here’s an example…

About 6 months ago we began subscribing to Doodle Maths & Doodle Tables. If you are not familiar, Doodle Maths adapts to the needs of each individual child a-la RM Maths from ‘the good old days’. They are excellent.

We originally subscribed primarily to give our children at the expected standard and above the opportunity to continue their learning and deepen their understanding. This is clearly working as children with Doodle Maths through contextual variation as well as helping children learn new content by focusing on the zone of proximal development. …

I’ve not updated my blog for a while. A couple of reasons: 1 — busy busy busy first year as a Deputy Headteacher! 2 — in my spare time I’ve been making an ios app! This post is designed to shamelessely introduce that app. I hope to make several more over time, moving more and more to focus on a ‘gaming’ style experience for children whilst retaining the same high quality learning focus that a teacher would expect.

Peter Richardson

UK Primary School Deputy Head interested in leadership, curriculum, pedagogy and technology.

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